Saturday, November 10, 2012

On Inner-Societal "Warfare" and Cultural Godlessness

     In our day and age, there seems to be an increasing number of inner-societal conflicts -- the war on women, racial wars, religious wars, etc.  It seems ridiculous that we are so prone to self-pity as well as self-righteousness that we would declare war -- or imagine a war -- on so many things.  

     Although many inner-societal wars are real and heated, most of them are ridiculous, because a lot of these inner-societal "wars" are, indeed, make-believe battles designed to further the cause of a given group of desperate people with no other hope of success except to give others something to be angry about.  This "War on Women," for instance, is an imaginary war of that Democrats use to antagonise Republicans.  If there is a "War on Women" it's being waged by a group of finger-pointing Democrats.  The hypocrisy of America is off the charts.

     I think politicians, for the most part, are too smart for their own good.  They know that giving the rabble something to be angry about is all they need to get what they want; what they fail to do is give us something worthwhile to root for.  Our problem as citizens is our tendency to fall for their tricks.  We don't need something to fight for --- all we need is something to fight against, because we're all short-tempered, impatient, hot-headed, item-grabbing conflict seekers that will join any fictional fight as long as it's announced from a podium.  

     I'm definitely not trying to cut down and hate on my countrymen, but I do think we seriously need to get our act together.  I love America.  I think God has blessed America with longevity.  But we are abandoning the Judeo-Christian principles upon which our constitution was founded.  When God is ignored in a culture, the culture fails.  The reason the Roman Empire got any foothold was because it was originally driven by Judeo-Christian leaders (think about it: the Roman Empire really began to gain momentum soon after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ).  Also, the Roman Empire fell because it's leaders had accepted paganism and debauchery with open arms, and abandoned the beliefs of their predecessors.  

     Okay, let's change gears for a second.  First, think about all the pro-gay movements: a new gay senator in Maryland, homosexual marriage legalised in nine states, country-wide support for homosexuality, etc...  We have sunken to a new low as a country, and it is being seen as progress.  I'm sure Satan sees this as progress.

     Now think about the widespread drug use.  Marijuana has been legalised for abuse in more states than ever (about 11 states?  I'm not sure), and many people support the decriminalisation of it.  I wonder how many people realise how convenient this decision is for the government, though.  Think of how easy it is for pot to ruin a person's life; cause them to lose their job, all their money...  

     Conspiracy theory time!  

     Besides being extremely unhealthy, pot helps raise unemployment, putting more people on welfare, and in turn giving more power to the government.  THUS, the legalisation of marijuana gives the people more superficial freedom (the key word here is "superficial"), but it's really a convenient, covert way of taking power from the people and giving it to the government.

     I know it's too late to campaign against Obama, but is this what we want?  Is the legalisation of gay marriage and pot worth the moral deficit we're up to the ears in?  Please, please pray for our country.  And be proactive in society.  The Church needs to step up to the plate, stop being apologetic for our existence, and simply overcome our fears.  I think we've been so bashed by our culture that we've become afraid of it.  We're closet-Christians, and we're failing to live out the Great Commission because of our reticence.  The reason the government sees the need to put in place welfare systems is that the Church gradually surrendered its duties as a charity to the government, and now we're paying the price.  

     So rise up, children of the Lord!  The majesty of God is too great to not share!  We need to go into the world, not shy from it as I've tried to do.  The world needs to hear the gospel, and we've withheld it in our fear.  

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