Saturday, February 25, 2012

     Wow... First blog!

     And, naturally, I choose to blog exactly when I should be doing anything other than computer-ish stuff.

     Welcome to my world: a world of doing/saying exactly the wrong thing at exactly the wrong moments, and realizing it is time to help only when my help isn't needed. And now, I'd like to introduce... A random Lipizzaner! ^_^

     I don't have much to say, save what I say to my writer Father constantly: character development in my story/series, "Fables of the Kirmakor". Originally it was "Tales of Ivey," Ivey being the continent on which my story takes place, but the title didn't seem special to me -- it didn't fit. So, after much thinking, Thesaurus-scruitany, and story development and deepening, I decided on "Fables of... Something" and discovered/made up the word "Kirmakor," which means "triumvirate," and is used to refer to a group of three people, each of whom excel in either magic, swordsmanship/archery, or rhetoric/philosophy. The magician is always a sorceress called the Daval. The swordsman -- swordscentaur? -- is called the Byrdol, and the sage is the Orondíl. The Daval is the only Magic-user on Ivey whose powers are inherited by the children -- all others given to the person by the White Stags, or Gwyngar -- and her powers greater than any before or since. In addition, the Daval may only be female, the Magical powers flowing from the mother into the unborn daughter. The Daval was created during the rise of a powerful Alteran (Elder) elf named Karjond, later renamed Avären. When the first Daval, a centauress named Dara, succeeded in subduing Avären, she disappeared while pregnant with her daughter, breaking the Kirmakor. "The Fables of the Kirmakor" takes place roughly 100 years after the Daval disappeared.

     Daurian, a thirteen-year-old, flaxen-haired, palomino centaur boy is the Orondíl. Daurian's personal story begins with his mother, father, and an elf with whom he shares a birthday, living in a glade at the edge of Greenwood Forest. His father, Mahz, is a bay-coloured, dark-eyed centaur with a stern, unmovable countenance and heavy-set build; his mother a dainty, palomino darling named Nanalii. I was originally going to make Daurian the Byrdol, but since (a) his slim build -- like Nanalii's -- would not make for a very powerful warrior; (b), he could never stand having to kill anything; and (c), he's a squeamish hemophobe (blood-phobe). His elf-friend is a Terrian (Earth) elf, red-headed with a temper that's even shorter than she is. Her name is Nonnah, and she follows Daurian throughout the story, and somehow, she can't leave him without one or both of them getting into trouble.

     Daurian's call-to-adventure is when Nonnah is captured by a Sylvan (Wood) elf maid, who turns out to be Drismatir, and Daurian experiences this whole fiasco of ransoms, tests of honesty, a time lapse, revelations, history, unexpected attacks, and abandonment of the Glade, Daurian's childhood home.
In the next chapter, Drismatir finishes a story she began in the previous chapter, and reveals that Daurian is the Orondíl, thus setting him on his quest.
What's special about Daurian is that he's neither the head of the Kirmakor like the Daval nor a fierce warrior like the Byrdol. He even doubts whether or not he is capable of stopping Avären with words alone. While the Byrdol is the physical warrior, Daurian is the moral warrior of the story, and a spiritual knight for the Great Eagle, Gryn, who is kind of the God-figure of the story. And even though Daurian is supposed to be this wise parson, he does and says things that completely make everyone go, "Really, Daurian? Really?" For example, at the end when he goes and bargains with a satyr for his aid. Yup... He pays for it...

     The Daval never reemerged until when "The Fables of the Kirmakor" takes place, when a bay-coated, black-hair, blue-eyed, seventeen-year-old centauress named Mira is found by a group of elves dedicated to the revival of the Kirmakor before Avären regains his powers completely. Drismatir said at some point that the Kirmakor's goal is to "silence the storm before it breaks." There are questions within the story as to how the Daval was lost, and the Kirmakor broken, but it is later confirmed how, by Mira of course, who knew many more secrets than anyone had previously assumed. Many of her secrets are hinted at but not revealed in this series.

     The Byrdol is a centaur of a midnight coat and thick build named Narri, who falls in love with Mira and the two end of pairing and having children. At first glance, the Byrdol seems like he'd be a simple brute, which any other Byrdol may be, but Narri isn't. Though his moral views are slightly skewed, his beliefs are turned around when he gets into an argument with Daurian about whether or not Gryn is the same Great Eagle that took from the Sylvan and Terrian elves their immortality roughly 5,000 years ago. Of course, Daurian being the Orondíl, Narri lost the argument.

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