Friday, March 15, 2013

URGENT: John McCain and the Civil Air Patrol

     The Civil Air Patrol is an Air Force auxiliary, specialising in search and rescue.  They go way back, and are one of our country's best-kept secrets, which explains very well why very few people have ever so much as heard of it.  My brothers have been with the Civil Air Patrol Cadet program for about a year.  The Cadet program not only teaches young people the customs and courtesies of the military including other military things that I don't understand, but it also teaches the cadets such merits as leadership, self-discipline, respect, character, among others.  In just a year of being in the CAP Cadet program, my brothers have undergone marked changes -- how they interact with other people, react to stress, and the list goes on and on and on.  

     Time for some history.  During WWII, the CAP was the only reason Germany did not bombard U.S. soil to nothing.  When asked why the mission to strike U.S. soil was aborted, the General in charge of the mission told Hitler, "It was those damn red and blue planes!"  
     In 2001, the CAP were the first given permission to fly planes after the terrorist strikes on 9/11.  The aerial footage you see of the Twin Towers post-strike were taken by the CAP.  
     In 2012 alone, the CAP was responsible for saving the lives of 37 people, which is even below their yearly average.  

     Now, on March 14, 2013, Senator McCain (R, AZ) proposed an amendment to cut funding for the CAP roughly in half, even though the funding for it was pitiable in the first place.  The cuts he is proposing are dramatic, and potentially devastating for the CAP and thus U.S. homeland security if passed.  Now, his reason is that the rest of the military is underfunded.  This is a reasonable concern, but why cut another branch that is underfunded as it is, especially one that is so proactive and practical as the Civil Air Patrol?  

     This amendment will be put to vote on March 18, 2013.  Before then, we need to get the word out and make sure it does not get passed.  I should not be shocked that this story is not in the news (considering how few people even know about the CAP), but I am.  No one is reporting -- not even FOX, which some may consider very right-wing.  I am very shocked, and so very disappointed that McCain is getting away with this.  

     This is no small ordeal, so share the living crap out of this essay!  There need to be voices for the Civil Air Patrol, and so far, there are precious few.  Do something, even if it's just an e-mail to a senator, and newscaster, or sharing this.  Even if you don't share this post, I'd like to see the story itself go around.  John McCain must be held accountable for undermining such a vital homeland defense program.

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